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"Dr. Jeffrey saved my marriage. I didn't think anyone could cut through the history of hurts and resentment like he did. Dr. Jeffrey worked tirelessly to fully understand both of us and helped us come up with practical plans to address the problem areas in our relationship. His insights were eye-opening. He is a very likable person who maintains a strong professional approach. In a short amount of time I felt comfortable and confident with Dr. Jeffrey. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking help." ***** (5-Star Rating) Posted by HP

"My son had just moved to a new school and was having trouble adjusting. Dr. John was wonderful - he took time to understand the problem and he helped us and our son to adjust to the new situation. My son just loves to see him, and he has helped us as a family with other issues that have come up over the years. If there is a problem, we always know that Dr. John is just a phone call away. He took care of all the insurance for us and made getting help a very pleasant process." ***** (5 star rating) Posted by TFH

"Dr. Jeffrey is great. He established instant rapport with my son. Within a short time, my child was more respectful and was doing better at school. Dr. Jeffrey is a life saver!" ***** (5 star rating) Posted by WB

"Dr. Jeffrey helped me to make an amazing turnaround with my teenage daughter. She was often disrespectful, only followed directions when she felt like it and was getting way over her head with boys. Dr. Jeffrey helped me to be clearer and more consistent with my expectations and to use firmness and consequences more effectively. My daughter has even learned balance and self-control with boys. I've never enjoyed her more and she is thriving in every area." ***** (5 star rating) Posted by KJ

Very professional and courteous service. Prompt and attentive. Very good with kids. Our family was helped immensely by Dr. Jeffrey. He understood our problem and walked us through the steps to a successful resolution. We highly recommend him. 
***** (5 star rating) Posted by SP

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