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Dr. John D. Jeffrey, a top rated psychologist, often interviewed by FOX News, has a reputation for helping patients set goals with a plan and make sensible changes.  Dr. Jeffrey has written The Elements of Christian Psychology: Body, Soul and Spirit in order to help us understand ourselves with such clarity that we are prepared to help others.  

“The soul without the spirit is like a house at night in a power outage”

Body, Soul, And Spirit

The Elements of Christian Psychology:
Body, Soul and Spirit 

John D. Jeffrey, PSY.D.

Understanding how the elements of spirit, soul and body work together is a part of knowing ourselves.  But knowing God and being led by our spirit are prerequisites to being genuine.  Genuine means true to the source of one’s origin.  The pressures of life knock us down.  Getting back up relies solely on listening to the still voice of conscience.  How to discern the senses, organs, awareness and experiences for body, soul and spirit is illustrated with clarity.  When these three elements work in unity, they hum like a watch delicately balanced and designed by God.  Our house will either stand in the face of troubles or fall into the pits of depression, anxiety and their relatives.  Up or down, depends on being truthful and whether we follow intuition aided by mind or give in to the voice of impulse.  Our volition’s most important job is to insist that the moral compass of spirit be in charge at all times.  We can never fall asleep at the wheel.  This book is a guide to responding to the grace of God from a place of inner joy amidst the big and small challenges we encounter daily.  This is the path to the restoration of God’s house.  Do we not know that we are God’s house?

“The Spirit-restrained soul is gentle, firm and unencumbered and can handle anything…”

Restoring God's House

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